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You can help ease the transition from bottle back to breast with the Medela Calma 5 Oz. Breastmilk Feeding Set, which mimics your child's natural breastfeeding behaviors. Your little one has to create a vacuum to get the milk out of the bottle thanks to the flow control valve. The bottle does not drip, and the vented nipple helps prevent gassiness from the start.


Product Highlights

  • Vented nipple helps prevent gassiness
  • Your baby has to create a vacuum to get milk out of the bottle for a non-drip design
  • Calma mimics your little one's natural breastfeeding behaviors
  • Only use the Calma set after breastfeeding has been well-established
  • Compatible with most Medela breastmilk bottles
  • BPA-free


What's Included

(1) astage nll-ipple
(1) 5 oz/150 ml bottle
(1) cap
(2) lids

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Medela Calma® with 5 oz Bottle Feeding Set

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