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Have TRICARE? We can fulfill your breast pump order.

Find a Supplier To Provide Your Insurance-Covered Pump

At, we believe that growing a healthy family begins with each baby being fed mother’s milk. It is the most natural and healthy way to feed a baby; promoting a longer and healthier life. Our philosophy is that healthier babies lead to healthier adults, which will ultimately lead to a healthier nation.

You have made the decision to breastfeed or are looking to find more information. There are so many different messages regarding breastfeeding. Which one is right? INMB was developed to be a comprehensive, up to date, virtual lactation assistant! You have the expert answers to your breastfeeding concerns right at your fingertips!

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We want moms to succeed with breastfeeding and we know it is important to have the right start to achieve success! Working with a lactation professional can demystify the process and provide personalized recommendations to get you and baby off to a great start.

We also want this to be an affordable and easily accessible service to mothers.

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